How we differ from Other Platforms?

1. Purpose:

Reicher: Facilitating an equal opportunity to raise capital for entrepreneurs / donation.

Other Platforms: Project / purpose Specific.

2. Documentation:

Reicher: Very minimal both for entrepreneurs / donors.

Other Platforms: Ask for detailed documentation, business traction etc.,

3. Funding:

Reicher: Equal value of funding for all, based on milestones.

Other Platforms: Few projects / requests get more funding than the rest. Hence few fundraisers could win / meet their requirements, rest are left out with less or no funds.

4. Time Taken / Period to raise funds:

Reicher: Immediate / Shorter than other crowdfunding platforms.

Other Platforms: Except donation based crowdfunding platforms, others take more time.

5. Disclosure about Fundraisers:

Reicher: Listing only company name or donation seekers name. As many feel shy to publish their photographs & details.

Non-profit Institutions name, their cause and other details will be published.

Other Platforms: Please visit rest of the platforms to see the difference.

6. Reicher – How significant

Reicher: Ensures each contributor will eventually become a fundraiser and there is no chance of not raising funds.


Other Platforms: No such guarantee available.