How to Join?

Signup by filling necessary information and required documents

Is there any fee to join?

You can be part of this forum by contributing Rs.1,000/- to the fundraisers.

Who can join to raise the funds?

Entrepreneurs to raise capital for their business. Individuals for their personal reasons but mainly to donate the needy.

Will the members become partners of the crowdfunding?

Each entrepreneur or individual are joining this platform for raising funds for their won business or needs and no member shall become partner either with the company or between the members.

What kind of Fundraising platform or program is this?

This platform is mainly for reward-based crowdfunding and donation-based crowdfunding.

What is Reward-Based crowd funding?

Rewards-based crowdfunding is a common type of crowdfunding, typically used to raise funds for a new startup or organization that offers a product or service. Reicher extended this benefit to existing businesses as well.

How Does Reward-Based Crowdfunding Work?

With rewards-based crowdfunding, contributor can earn rewards based on the amount they donate. Common rewards include handmade items, prizes offered by partner companies, or free products or services offered by the fundraiser. For example, an artist raising funds to start an art collective and gallery could offer original signed artwork, replica prints, or even a free art workshop.

What is Donation-Based crowd funding?

One of the most popular types of fundraising, donation-based crowdfunding is simply asking for a small donation from a large number of people to raise money for something you care about.

How Does Donation-Based Crowdfunding Work?

Donation-based crowdfunding is best used to raise money for personal needs as well as community-based projects. You can share your fundraiser with your own network and on social media as a way to amplify awareness and encourage more donations. Examples of donation-based crowdfunding includes raising money to cover medical expenses or an unexpected financial crisis, or raising funds for local projects like a community garden or new park.

How Reicher differs from other crowdfunding platforms?

Reicher iterated with twin benefits of having reward-based crowd funding and donation-based Crowd funding together that too with no project specific or cause specific. It is an open platform providing opportunity to fundraisers from business community and who look for donations / Donate. This gives a wider scope to bring people of different walk of life together in order to raise funding jointly.

What is the role of fund raisers?

Once enrolled, you can invite entrepreneurs who intended to raise capital and individuals who would like to raise donations for their personal needs like medication, education etc.,

What will be the benefit for inducting additional fund raisers?

Franchise fee  will be awarded from 4th induction onwards as per Reicher’s policy.

Who will be my contributors?

Any new sign up irrespective of your direct inductions will be your contributors.

What will be the payouts to the fundraisers?

Stage payouts are after the deduction of upgrade reserve amounts, redemptions rewards, admin fee and any other taxes applicable.

When will be the payouts released to the fundraisers?

Once the fund raiser fulfills the requirements set by Reicher, Compliance Department will advise Finance Department to release the payouts which will actioned by every Friday. If the payout day is a public holiday/ bank holiday or any other local holiday then the payouts will be effected on the subsequent working day.

How the payouts to the fundraisers will be released?

All payout shall be released to the bank accounts of Fundraisers. No cash payment shall be entertained either to join or in releasing payouts.

Is it an MLM?

No, it is not. Advising any MLM aspirants to avoid in enrolling, as this platform committed for Fundraisers only.

What are the additional benefits?

Since this platform insists redemption by and to all its members, new contributors are entitled for redemptions from Reicher and fundraisers.

What should be redeemed by the fundraisers to the contributors?

Redeem offers promised by entrepreneurs has to be strictly followed. Any violation in delivering the offers to eligible members will be forced for cancellation of membership and next member in the downline will be shifted automatically to avail the benefits. Such redemptions should not be less than the principal contribution of Rs. 1,000/- either as one or in multiple parts.

Is there any cap in raising funds?

So far, no cap fixed but subject to change.

For any other queries, please free to contact us @ info@reicher.in



Classified by business category and donation required for.