Welcome to Reicher

Reicher offers three tier rewards to its contributors as well as fund raisers in terms of cash, offers from individual fundraisers and also redemption offers from us. Contributors shall also donate for the noble causes to people who need financial assistances for medical, education, travel, poor, sports, homes, charitable trusts, CSR, NGOs etc., We accept Rs. 1,000/- as contribution from both donors and fundraisers.

We ensure that each partner being a contributor or fundraiser to walk with major benefits at each milestone of contribution as well as when sponsoring new fundraisers into the forum.

Fundraisers shall retain what they get  (RWTG) but will be asked to continue in the program for a longer run as the payout will be at each milestone and also to engage them in other arena where “Reicher” play for the benefit of the society.

Primary objective of this platform is not to limit any amount of fundraising by hosting various fund-raising programs. All fund raisers shall subscribe with a contribution of Rs.1000/- and takeaways are guaranteed at each milestone set for all.

We are the first online crowd funding platform clubbing rewards and donations together so that contributors of any kind will get benefit from their contributions on a long-term basis. The fundraiser shall be a start-up, SME, women entrepreneur and any other sections of the society who is in need of raising capital with no recurring expense in terms of interest or to avoid fixed term loan but more interested to give back to the society in a meaningful way.



Classified by business category and donation required for.